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What I do

Vision: No aspiring Engineer should be disadvantaged in pursuing their ambition

Founded in the city of dreaming spires, Oxford, Interstellar Academy is a tutoring company like no other. Focusing on more than just academic excellence and exam performance, I provide a personalised, holistic education to bring out the best in all of my students.

I Teach.

Looking for a qualified tutor for Mathematics, Physics, and all things Engineering?

I am a…

  • Fully qualified, DBS certified teacher.
  • College Lecturer and Lead Tutor in the Engineering Science department at the University of Oxford.
  • Consultant to several leading educational academies, designing and delivering bespoke courses.

I Speak.

Do you want to give you students the edge?

I have been asked to speak to students on numerous occasions.

This typically varies from motivational talks about my background and experiences, to those focusing on the university entrance process and admissions.

Each talk is uniquely prepared to best meet the needs of the students and the client.

I Mentor.

Need someone to help support the longer term aims and ambitions of your child or student? Or are you looking for someone to support you to best support them in their wider personal development?

I can provide one-to-one coaching and mentoring to all aspiring Engineers. By developing a personalised action plan, and working together with parents and teachers, I will ensure they get the best chance of success in meeting their aspirations.


Thank you for your teaching this year… the [A Level] results are a testament to a great deal of hard work.

Helen (Master, Magdalen College School, Oxford)


I recently received my GCSE results, and I was fortunate to get all 9 grades…Without your help I would not have received a 9 in Physics, so thank you once again for all your help.

Garry (Physics Student)

Amazing tutor. Akash provides amazing insights to the engineering world even taking us to his lab which was an honor.

Mark (Engineering Student)

Our tutor made the course look so easy which it was not and helped our doubts every time we asked him.

Lara (Mathematics Student)


Thank you so much… I know Grace very much enjoyed your tutorials as well, and I would certainly be happy to keep you in mind for further teaching.

Ruth (Academic Adviser, Oxford Study Abroad Programme)

Many thanks for helping out with our Programme this summer. Very helpful indeed.

Rafi (Managing Director, Oxford Summer Academy)

Thank you so much for giving that academic taster, it was so useful for them to go through interview-like questions and really examine what it was they were saying!

Matt (Christ Church, Oxford)


Thank you for teaching my son this summer – he has said many good things about you.

Anil Kumble (Former Indian Cricketer)

indian cricketer anil kumble teacher tutor athlete celebrity

Our story

Interstellar Academy was founded by Akash Trivedi, who has been tutoring and teaching for over 10 years. Seeing first hand the impact a good education can make on life chances, he founded Interstellar Academy to use his extensive experiences to help others succeed academically and personally, enabling them to realise their potential, and achieve their aspirations.

He is a fully qualified, DBS-certified teacher and has taught at both challenging inner-city state schools and highly prestigious independent schools. Alongside his academic research in Engineering, he is a tutor and lecturer at the University of Oxford. He has also provided Educational Consulting to several leading educational academies, designed and delivered bespoke courses for local summer schools, and held speaking engagements.

Teaching students of all ages and backgrounds, Akash will bring the absolute best out of his students, and your child is guaranteed to achieve their potential with Interstellar Academy.

Oxford Matriculation

Let me help you to support them.